Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kerri Birds

Have you ever run across a painting you thought would make great fabric or a piece of pottery you thought would make beautiful flooring?

This happens to me all the time. I am not a designer, but perhaps I was in another life time. An interior designer, a fashion designer, maybe even a choreographer. I constantly see things and wish I knew Michael Miller, or Jimmy Choo, or Bob Fosse so I could refer the artist to the famous one and voila! Match made in heaven!

That was my reaction to Kerri Birds. At the very moment I saw the first one, I was instantly excited about the possiblities. I saw silver pendants, classy silk tees, children's books. I had this woman's art merchandised as if it were the star character in a Disney movie ... a DISNEY MOVIE! YES! That, too!!

Enjoy Kerri Birds. And watch your local stores and boutiques. When this creature sudden shows up on the Red Carpet - remember, you heard it first from me!

(And if you want to own a Kerri Bird, contact me. I'll get you hooked up! They currently sell for $300 USD - but don't be surprised to see the price only go up as they get famous (or picked up by Jimmy Choo!).