Sunday, August 24, 2008

When creativity slumps, buy a printer and some caramel!

Many have suggested I sell my art as reproduction prints and art cards. I had a great source for printing and began the endeavor quite successfully. I did find, however, that ordering a print, waiting a week to see the outcome, wanting to correct color or format, then waiting another week was more creatively dampening than fulfilling.

Along came Etsy, again, with consistently generous and helpful shop owners participating in the forums. responded to a request for large format color printer recommendations with a glowing referral to Epson's Stylus Pro 3800. One purchase and two days later - and I could not be happier or more inspired.

This printer is complex and technically challenging - but even out of the box, the color quality and accuracy is amazing. I have surpassed the quality of print I was getting from my vendor and do not have to wait to see the results of color correction tweaks. I'm ecstatic!

As a result, I will have a great flexibility in custom sizes for reproduction prints and making art cards is a sheer joy! The best part of it all is that I can do more, at a higher quality, and charge less. My customer base expanded over night.

Now THAT is Living in Full Color!

Thank you, Epson, for this high quality product! And thank you earcmra for the recommendation. You changed my world!

Visit earcmra's fabulous Etsy shop - - but be careful! You will not be able to resist her amazing caramels!